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November 21, 2016

 Dear Families,

 Now as we end November, we are well into the swing of teaching and learning.  Teachers have engaged students in their second round of assessments in reading, writing, math, spelling, etc. and have shared your children’s progress with you at Parent Teacher Conferences and during one to one family engagement meetings on Tuesdays. At PS 38 we tailor the instruction to meet students’ needs and we closely re-assess and monitor student learning as we go along.  One area of this work we want to highlight for our families is that we are teaching your students to monitor their own learning as well.  There are many tools we teach them to use to assess how they are practicing their goals and if they have mastered them.  As we continue to engage you in the learning at Parents as Learning Partner days, we will highlight this work and these tools.  Students are taught to ask themselves:  Where am I on the learning progression?  Where do I want to go?  How will I get there?  And we show them the way and engage them in this practice.  Students are also engaged in peer and self-evaluation through conversations about their learning, what they are doing to improve it and how and they give each other ideas for improvement.  This is a very progressive but rewarding approach to learning.  I encourage families to continue to come to PTA meetings, Parent as Learning Partner sessions, workshops and our other school events as this is where we showcase what your children are doing and provide you with strategies to support this learning at home.  We have organized an upcoming series of informational parent workshops and encourage you to attend.


Upcoming Parent Workshops:


November 29, 2016

Pre-K:  How early literacy concepts connect with the theme, “All About Us.” 1:40-2:15

Kindergarten:  Shared reading and early reading strategies 2:45-3:30

2nd Grade:  Reading Skills and Goals 2:45-3:30

4th Grade:  Unpacking Math word problems 2:45-3:30

5th Grade:  Learning intentions and Success Criteria 2:45-3:30


December 6, 2016:

1st Grade:  Reading goals 2:45-3:30

3rd Grade:  Writing reflections about math 2:45-3:30

Mrs. Anastasio IEP Teacher:  The ABC’s of IEPs 2:45-3:30

ENL Teachers Mrs. Gjoni and Mrs. Duchovny:  Reading strategies for entering and emerging ELLs 2:45-3:30


 Parent Volunteer Program: If you are interested in Volunteering please see Mrs. Chow as we want to begin our Parent Volunteer program.  Do note that all volunteers are here to support the school and must follow school policy and protocol which will be shared prior.  This is a nice way to become an active member of our PS 38 learning community.  Let us know your availability one or 2 days a week and the times and we will work on a schedule.  This is an area I would really like to grow and appreciate all who want to participate.

 Our school fundraiser is in action and we are selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars.  If you are interested in supporting the children of PS 38 and wish to sell the candy bars which are a favorite, please see Mrs. Chow our Parent Coordinator.  The cost of the box is $60.00. 

 Beginning in December we will have Student of the Month and Citizen of the Month. At our December PTA meeting on December 14, 2016 at 8:30 am, we will announce and celebrate the winners for December and will also share how we are doing this differently this year.  Whether your child is being honored or not, do join us as important information will be shared.  The PTA will also be hosting the FDNY.

 Drop and Go:  I would like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs. Ebanks a parent who has volunteered during drop and go daily.  She is out there welcoming your children and opening car doors rain or shine and we are grateful for the support.

Parents please, please slow down and approach the curb cautiously.  There are many times you pull up on the curb and we have to jump back for safety ourselves.  Also be patient and wait your turn.  Many parents pull around the cars at the stop sign to get ahead and can cause an accident as cars pull away from the curb.  Give yourselves plenty of time.  It is worth the wait to be patient rather than cause an accident…then nobody will go anywhere as a police report would be made.

 As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I want to thank all of the families who came out on November 16 and joined us at our annual Cultural Cromwell Café.  It was lovely to break bread with all of you and celebrate the cultural diversity at P.S. 38! 


From our P.S. 38 family to yours, “Wishing You All a Lovely Thanksgiving Holiday!

May Thanksgiving and every day be filled with love of family, friends, and many beautiful memories.


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy





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Nancy Murillo



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