Gingerbread House Day!

Parent As Learning Partners

Gingerbread House Day

Friday, December 22, 2017 @ 10 am


***If you wish to sign your child out, you must sign them out in their classroom.

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The Principal's Corner


November 6, 2017

Dear Families,

Happy November!!! The leaves have turned color, are beginning to fall, and this past weekend was Daylight Savings Time. I hope you all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep as we set our clocks back one hour. Although we gained a bit of sleep, please note that the days will begin to get darker earlier and it will get much cooler. Therefore, I ask that you please make sure your children dress appropriately for the weather and wear a jacket to school. Sometimes children slip out the door before we get to see them, but all children must have a jacket especially if they want to go out for recess. Children will continue to go out for recess every day until it is freezing as the fresh air does them good and it is their time to socialize, play and exert their energy.

On October 31st, we hosted our annual Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Wonder Walk Parade. Every child was able to visit our Pumpkin Patch. The Pumpkin Patch is always sponsored by our PTA. On behalf of the PTA and the entire PS 38 staff, I would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered to assist at this event and everyone who donated cupcakes and juice to make this event memorable for every child at PS 38! The children were all so very excited to see so many parents come out to watch us as we marched for babies to benefit the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. Every baby deserves a healthy start!

 Our Building Response Team was activated for the event to ensure the safety and welfare of all children as they engaged in the parade. BRT members were assigned posts around the perimeter of the school along the route of our parade for grades 3-5, and were also positioned in the school yard with grades K-2. Mrs. Ulaj and myself engage in the walk and are in constant communication with BRT during such events..

 A word about Safety First and our Discipline Code: The NYC DOE Discipline code was shared with every family at the beginning of the year and families were asked to review it and return the Student/Parent Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. The Discipline Code outlines our roles and responsibilities as educators and Administrators and how we may deal with specific inappropriate school behaviors. This is set forth by the Chancellor and the City of New York.

 Our teachers consistently engage your children in lessons around appropriate school behaviors and conflict resolution. They work in conjunction with Administration, our School Counselors, and our School Based Support Team. Teachers are the first disciplinarians as they instruct your children all day long. The expectation is that ALL students respect their teachers and peers and exhibit appropriate school behaviors which do not interrupt the learning process. When behaviors present themselves, they are intervened and addressed accordingly.

 We ask that you work with us as partners in developing your child not just academically, but socially and emotionally. Children are just that, children and they are learning how to deal with conflict and resolve situations they will continue to encounter as they move on through middle school and go through life. At PS 38 we believe in being transparent and therefore we keep open lines of communication with all families. It is both a teacher’s and Administrator’s role to not just keep you abreast of situations that occur, but to address them according to the NYC DOE Discipline code.

 “The Citywide Standards of Intervention and Discipline Measures (the Discipline Code) provides a description of conduct that does not meet the standards of behavior expected of students in the New York City public schools. It includes a range of guidance interventions and a range of permissible disciplinary and intervention measures that schools may use to address misbehavior. Also included is the Bill of Students Rights and Responsibilities. The Discipline Code applies to all students.”

 At PS 38 we adhere to the NYC/DOE Discipline Code which comes straight from Chancellor’s Regulations. We ask that you respect us as educators who must address discipline with the knowledge that every decision we make is thoroughly analyzed. We do not take matters lightly and every consequence is aligned to the infraction appropriately as set forth in the Discipline Code.

Currently we have about 388 students…that is 388 personalities. Once again, children are just that, children, and they are still learning to resolve conflict. At PS 38 we are trained in de-escalation and utilize conflict resolution methods to provide children with skills and tools they can use to resolve conflict through life. In our efforts to promote positive school culture we would like to enlist all parents as “Partners in Learning” to support us in addressing behavioral areas of concern as PS 38 continues to be a safe haven and productive environment for all of our students. We urge and encourage you to work hand in hand with us as this will ensure that all our children become active learners and model citizens of our community. We will continue to encourage your children to follow The Golden Rule-“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

 At this time we are asking all families to once again, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the NYC/DOE Discipline Code and to reflect on the behavioral expectations of students when in school as set forth by the Chancellor and the NYC DOE.

 Important Dates: November 7, 2017: Election Day and a Non-attendance day for all students. There will be no UAU on this day.

November 10, 2017: Parents as Learning Partners will take place from 8:35-9:25 and our area of focus will be writing. PALP days are opportunities for families to learn how our curriculum works by engaging in specific content area work with their child in their classroom. If you have multiple children at PS 38 we ask that you visit one and next time visit the other. We do this special event every month and each month has a new focus.

November 16, 2017: Parent Teacher Conferences from 1:00-3:00 and in the evening from 4:30-7:30. Scheduled appointments are brief 5 minute student led conversations so bring your child! Students will engage you in a conversation about an area they glow in and how they are working to grow their learning further. They will show this with a sample of their work and show the tools they are using to do this. The meetings are only 5 minutes and then you will receive their report card. If you wish to have a detailed progress meeting or discuss concerns, please see Mrs. Chow to schedule a meeting as these conversations warrant more time.

Book Fair: During Parent Teacher Conferences our PTA will host a Book Fair for families. The best way to become a better reader is to read, read, read!!!! Books also make great gifts for the holidays so please stop in the all-purpose room and visit our family Book Fair. We will also host the book fair for students again on November 17th during the school day so feel free to send money for your child to purchase books in an envelope with the amount enclosed, child’s name and class. Letters will be forthcoming.

November 20, 2017: Annual Cultural Cromwell Café -All of our families are invited to join us as we embrace and celebrate diversity at PS 38 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Letters will go home and we ask that you please fill out and return the bottom potion so we can organize the event. This tradition is an evening where each family is invited to cook or bring an ethnic food representing their culture. Please join us as we come together as a community to break bread together at our cultural feast!

 Once again, thank you for entrusting your children to us.

“Partners with Families…Partners in Learning”

 “Partners with Families…Partners in Learning”

Believing In Children...

Inspiring Young Minds,

 Nancy Murillo


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We are all different...We are all the same..We celebrate where our families come from.

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