Winter Emergency Procedures


Here are the winter emergency links for 2016-2017.

 storm procedures English.doc  

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 Dear Parent/Guardian:

 This letter is being sent to you to explain the procedures we follow in the case of a storm day or a day with city-wide emergency conditions.  The Chancellor will make an announcement to all schools in the city on whether to close schools or delay their opening.  This announcement is made in consultation with other city officials.  All authorized delayed openings will result in the regular starting time being two hours later.

 By 6:00 a.m., the decision is announced on the following radio stations in the city:  WINS (1010 AM), WCBS (880 AM), WLIB (1190 AM), WBLS (107.5FM), WYNE (91.5FM), as well as the following television stations:  WCBS (Channel 2), WNBC (Channel 4), WNYW (Fox Channel 5), WABC (Channel 7), WNYE (Channel 25) and NY 1 (Channel 1 on cable television).

 The contact person at your school is Nancy Murillo,  PRINCIPAL.

 The school telephone number to call is 1-718-351-1225.

 When there is a two hour delayed school opening, school buses will run, but their arrival times will be delayed by two hours. Morning pre-kindergarten programs within public schools will be cancelled, as well as all field trips, after-school transportation and after-school programs.

 If you have a child with a disability, you should use your discretion in deciding whether to send him or her to school when there is a delayed opening.  If your child has medical or other health issues requiring nursing or other services during the school day, including services requiring a nurse or paraprofessional to ride on the bus, you should consider not sending your child to school.  Please be reminded that your child will not be picked up if a nurse or paraprofessional who is required to ride with him or her is not aboard the school bus.

 It is expected that if schools open, students will be in school until their regular dismissal time.  If your child takes a school bus, school staff will remain in school with the bused children until busses arrive for dismissal or until your child is picked up.  However, if the storm or city-wide emergency conditions worsen, the Chancellor may have to announce an early dismissal.  The Chancellor will notify bus services of the earlier dismissal schedule.  You should have plans in place with a relative, friend or neighbor in case your child is released early and you will not be at home to care for him or her.  Please note that you must have listed that relative, friend or neighbor on the school’s “Blue Emergency Contact Card” because schools are not authorized to release pupils to persons not listed on that card.  You should make certain that the card is up-to-date.  Your child should know of this plan.  You should advise your child to tell the teacher if no one is at home at the time of an authorized early dismissal.  Again, listen to the radio or television stations listed above for information. 

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Believing In Children...

Inspiring Young Minds,

 Nancy Murillo


The Principal's Corner




Wednesday, February 2, 2017 

 Dear Families,

 February is a very short but busy month.

 Today is Groundhog Day! On this day the groundhog acts as the meteorologist for the day who predicts the arrival of spring.  According to folklore, if the ground hog emerges from his burrow and sees his shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter.  If he emerges from his burrow and does not see his shadow, then we will have an early spring. Will the Ground Hog see his shadow???? We shall see…

21st Annual Readers Are Leaders Kick-off:  We are pleased and honored to announce that P.S. 38 has been selected to host the 21st Annual Readers Are Leaders Kick-Off! The event will be hosted by Borough President James Oddo, founder Vito Fossella and author/magician Mike Lane will be here to perform.  This event will take place on February 7th with our 4th grade students and our third grade students will be performing segments from their December assembly.  Readers Are Leaders promotes a love of literacy and reading.

This event is for students only. 

 February 2, 2017 marks the last day of the Chinese New Year which began on January 28, 2017.  In honor of the New Year and to celebrate cultural diversity we have arranged for a very special assembly for all children at PS 38.  On February 28, 2017 the New York Chinese Cultural Center will perform.   Please visit the New York Chinese Cultural Center (NYCCC) on-line at to find out more about this amazing organization and all it has to offer.

Did you know?

The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it’s been called since the 20th century, remains the most important social and economic holiday in China. Originally tied to the lunar-solar Chinese calendar, the holiday was a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. It was also a time to bring family together for feasting. With the popular adoption in China of the Western calendar in 1912, the Chinese joined in celebrating January 1 as New Year’s Day. China, however, continues to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year, although in a shorter version with a new name–the Spring Festival.  To learn more about this cultural celebration with your children, visit:

This site is chock full of interesting facts, videos, pictures, and more.

 February is also the annual observance of Black History Month, a time to recognize the achievements, contributions, and culture of African Americans.  Yesterday, all children in grades 3-5 enjoyed a very special and informative assembly performed by the Temple for the Arts.  This organization engaged the children in a historical time-line of African American music. Teaching children about the historical accomplishments and struggles of African Americans benefits everyone. By connecting children with history, they'll gain a better understanding of themselves no matter what color they are. Additionally, they'll learn to develop compassion and empathy for other people.  In the spirit of honoring African American pioneers and landmark events in black history, we encourage you to engage your children in activities that capture their senses. Whether reading books, listening to stories or creating insightful projects, there are plenty of fun ways for kids to learn about the African American experience. And remember, your children can enjoy these activities long after February is over.

 PTA News: 

The PTA will sponsor an “I Love You” sale for the children on February 3rd and they will have a chance to purchase small enjoyable items for themselves or a loved one. 

Our next PTA meeting will be on February 15, 2017 at 9:00 am where an informative workshop will be hosted by Dial-A-Teacher.  We will also honor our Student and Citizens of the Month.

Parents as Learning Partners is scheduled for February 10 and our focus is Writing Workshop.

 February 20 thru February 24, 2017, we are closed for Mid-Winter Recess.  We return to school on February 27, 2017.  Lite Review Homework packets will be sent home to keep our reading, writing, and math muscles strong. Please make sure your child completes the assignments that will be used upon our return for instruction. During this time we also recognize President’s Day which is viewed as a day to celebrate all Presidents past and present.  Again you can visit for more information.

 Safety:  Every year around this time everyone gets sick.  As seasons change, we may see an increase in specific viruses that can cause fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. These include the stomach flu and the common cold. We want to ensure all parents that we sanitize and keep rooms as germ free as we can.  All teachers were given Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and antibacterial soap at the beginning of the year and we have provided a second round mid-year. Teachers sanitize their rooms on a regular basis.  Staff has been informed and will continue to instruct the children to take the following simple actions to help stop viruses from spreading:

 Students and staff should wash their hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. Students and staff should wash their hands before touching food, after using the bathroom, and after coughing or sneezing.

  • Students and staff should cover their mouths and noses with a tissue or shirt sleeve, not their hands, when coughing or sneezing.
  • Students and staff members who are sick should stay home to reduce the risk that others might get sick as well. Children with fever, vomiting, or diarrhea should stay home until the symptoms are gone or until a doctor indicates that it is appropriate to return to school. Children who develop breathing problems should stay home until their symptoms are gone.
  • Students and staff should get vaccinated against the flu.

There are signs posted in all bathrooms inclusive of Pre-K and teachers remind the children of how to wash their hands properly and how to sneeze and cough to minimize spreading of germs.  Children are encouraged to carry small antibacterial soaps to use before lunch.

 What’s up and coming?

5th Grade Graduation:  For many years we have held our graduation at New Dorp  High School.  Due to the fact that New Dorp H.S. is having construction we are not able to host our graduation there this year as originally planned for June 22, 2017. However, I have worked diligently to find an alternate location.  We will now host our 5th Grade Graduation at Staten Island Technical High School on June 21st 2017.  More information will be forthcoming as the year goes on.  Again please mark your calendars and hold the date 5th grade parents.

Social Media Awareness:  Our PTA has organized an informative parent workshop presented by Michael Riley from CEC.  In March he will be our guest speaker and will inform you of and address many concerns regarding the use of social media.  We live in a technological society and our children have more access than ever.  We want to protect our children from the dangers associated with social media as well as teach them to make smart choices when using social media. Details will be forthcoming.

 ~Thank you for entrusting your children to us.

 Partners with Families…Partners In Learning”

Believing In Children...

Inspiring Young Minds,

 Nancy Murillo


For my January 2017 Family Letter please Click  Mrs Murrilo Parent Letter Jan 3 2017.docx 

For my December 2016 Family Letter please click  December 2016 parent letter.docx 

For my October 1, 2016 Family Letter please click  October Family Letter.docx 

For my September 2016-2017 Welcome Letter please click   sept 8 2016.docx  

SLT-School Leadership Team

 Our School Leadership Meetings are open to the school community and the public.

  P S 38 Meeting Schedule 202016-2017.doc 

Parent Reading Volunteer Program of P.S. 38

Dear Parents & Grandparents:

 The Parent Reading Volunteer Program of P.S. 38 will soon begin servicing our children.  If you have a little time you wish to donate by reading to a child, please join our Reading Volunteer Program.  Anyone wishing to volunteer must go for training. 

The training requires a parent to attend a two hour workshop for two days at the Staten Island Mental Health Society located at 669 Castleton Avenue Building A, the Elizabeth W. Pouch Building.  The schedule for the training is as follows:

           Session I:

           Tuesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 26th @ Time 9:30 am – 11:30 am

           Session II:

           Tuesday, January 31st and Thursday, February 2nd   @ Time:  9:30 am – 11:30 am


For more information, you can contact me at the school 718-351-1225 or my cell phone 347-563-4635.


   Mercedes Chow

 Parent Coordinator

School Spirit Day

The PTA will be hosting a School Spirit Day on Friday January 27th.

This month’s theme is Future Day. Dress your children for their future careers to show your school spirit. For example, dress them as teachers, doctors or athletes. We are asking for a $1.00 donation to participate.  Send your donations in an envelope with your child’s name and class. Thank you for your continued help and support. All the monies raised go directly to the children.