Dismissal Policy Change 9-12-18

New Dismissal Policy for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade:

 Dismissal Policy Change 9-12-18.doc 
In an effort to alleviate confusion and over-crowding in the main corridor during dismissal and to allow families with children in grades 2-5 who exit into the school yard ample time to get to them, beginning on Monday, September 17, 2018, all children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grades will dismiss promptly at 2:25,10 minutes prior to grades 2-5.  They will be dismissed from the same exits as always:  Pre-K Exit 2, Kindergarten Exit 4, and First Grade from the Main Exit.

Families with children in grades 2-5 will now have 10 minutes to pick up their children and walk around to the school yard to pick up siblings in upper grades.  Grades 2-5 will dismiss as always into the school yard promptly at 2:35.  

Our goal is to ensure the safety and welfare of all students and this should allow for a quicker, smoother, safer dismissal for all.

Please make any necessary accommodations so that your children are picked up on time.  Also inform any other person picking up your children in grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade of the earlier dismissal time.

Once again, this change will go into effect on Monday September 17, 2018.

~Thank you for entrusting your children to us.




The Principal's Corner

September 4, 2018

 Dear Families,

 Welcome back to what I know will be to another amazing school year! 

I hope you enjoyed your summer and that both you and your children are recharged and excited to return. We are excited to open the doors of PS 38 as we welcome your children back to school and I would like to ensure you that many staff will be posted each morning throughout the hallways to assist your children as they find their way.

 The first few days of school are about warm welcomes and building trust.  These days set the tone for the year and we want your children to go home at the end of the day excited to return and learn. Our goal is to build community, motivate, and inspire your children as they work toward their fullest potential.  The staff at PS 38 has worked collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition for all children into this new school year. 

 I would like to take a moment to share that part of my job as Principal of PS 38, is not just to ensure that every child has access to a quality education, but to simultaneously grow the pedagogy of our staff. We are a Professional Learning Community and we are learners for life.

As learners for life, the staff at PS 38 crafts and develops their pedagogy on a continuous basis.

 Sometimes this takes us on a new journey and puts us on a new professional path.  It is hard to say goodbye to staff we have grown to appreciate, but as learners for life, we need to respect and admire the windows of opportunity that continue to inspire us to work to our own fullest potential.  Everyone has a gift to give and so I wish to share that Mrs. Ulaj will no longer preside as the Assistant Principal at PS 38 as she has accepted a District level ENL position at the Borough Field Support Center.  Please congratulate her as she celebrates this wonderful accomplishment and opportunity. Mrs. Ulaj has done an exemplary job by the students and staff at PS 38 and we wish her all the best in her endeavors as she transitions into her new role.

 Although the District now has one of our best, this has opened yet another window of opportunity for one of our staff to transition into a leadership role.  I would like to announce that Mrs. Dukhovny will now be the new Interim Acting Assistant Principal.  Mrs. Dukhovny has served the students, family, and staff of PS 38 for over 13 years and has been on the same journey of bringing PS 38 to where it is today for just about as long as I have.  She knows where we were 13 years ago, where we want to go and has contributed to our professional community in an abundance of ways. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and I know she will continue to work diligently to support our school and professional learning community as she develops in her new leadership role. I would like you all to embrace her, welcome her, and congratulate her as she takes on the role of Interim Acting Assistant Principal.   Mrs. Dukhovny and I will continue to work closely and collaboratively to maintain all of the nuances that make PS 38 the progressive little school it is and we look forward to welcoming both you and your children back to school.

 Believing In Children...

Inspiring Young Minds,

 Nancy Murillo



 18-19 Sept welcome letter to families.doc 

Information- Children Activities, Workshops, Camps


Parents As Learning Partners

Parent As Learning Partner Day


 Friendly Reminder

In order to ensure the success of this initiative it is important that you understand the following:

· Please no conferencing with the teachers, the teachers have to continue with the teaching and learning and cannot be disrupted to converse with a parent.

· Please keep your cell phones on vibrate and please do not use them while the class is in session.

· No coffee is allowed in the classrooms.

· We ask that you arrive promptly; we do not want the lesson disrupted in any way.

After the classroom instruction, we will debrief in the All Purpose Room.

School Spirit Day-

SLT-School Leadership Team

 Our School Leadership Meetings are open to the school community and the public.


What are Google Apps and how are they useful?

Google Drive - cloud storage for all file types including images, videos and audio files. Students have unlimited storage and can access their files from any device, anywhere they have an internet connection.

Google Docs - Word processing tool to allow students to create and edit text and paragraphs. Students can collaborate on the same document and teachers can easily provide feedback while students are working. Like all Google Apps, Google Docs auto-saves within Google Drive.

Google Classroom - A blended learning platform that integrates Google Apps to allow teachers to assign and collect work from students. Classroom creates a paperless environment and saves time providing a way for teachers and students to easily communicate and stay organized.


September 5, 2018

Dear Families,

This year every student in grades K-5 will be actively using a Google Classroom account for schoolwork, parent newsletters, homework, and special projects.  The Google Classroom accounts are setup and controlled by PS 38. We are a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school meaning we have full control of the ps38r.com domain and all Google services therein (we can add & delete accounts, open & suspend services, etc).

We are using our GAFE accounts for a number of curriculum-specific reasons:

 Digital literacy: Using Google Documents & Presentations to create & publish work

Digital citizenship: Lessons around what it means to “publish” on the web & the power of the digital word

Collaboration: Using Documents & Presentations in team settings, without actually sitting together

Writing across different mediums and for broad audiences: both Common Core standards

Many middle & high schools use Google Apps for every aspect of the school day, this will prepare PS 38 students for the world beyond our walls.


These accounts are ps38r.com addresses but have limitations such as:

  • There is no email.

  • Their “Inbox” if they are given one, is only accessible by Mrs. Frisz, Ms. Regan, and their classroom teacher and only exists for the purposes of sharing teacher-student information (assignments, feedback, etc).

To  access  student accounts  from anywhere:

Go to http://classroom.google.com and enter the full username/email, including the @ps38r.com   

  parent welcome to google classroom.doc  Guardian E-Mail Summary letter.doc 

How can Google Classroom help me, help my child in school?

September 5, 2018

Dear Families,

We are excited to let you know that Google Classroom has an additional feature for you, the parents.  As a guardian, you can receive email summaries showing your student’s progress in Google Classroom.

  • You can choose the frequency of the emails, such as daily or weekly.

  • You can unsubscribe or remove yourself from Classroom at any time.

Guardian email summaries include:

  • Missing work—Work that’s late at the time the email was sent

  • Upcoming work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails)

  • Class activity—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers

Your student’s teacher will send you an email invitation. After you accept the invitation, you’ll receive regular email summaries of your student’s work. You can use your current email address to receive an invitation. When you click Accept in the email invitation, you receive weekly summaries to that email address. However, with a free Google account, you can make changes to your email summaries—for example, how often you receive them.

This is a wonderful way for you to stay up to date with what’s happening in your child’s classroom.  If you are interested please return the slip with your email clearly printed to your child’s teacher.


Mrs. Frisz & Ms. Regan